We focus on IT project management, project outsourcing and secondment service.
Especially housing management system.
e-Voting System

e-Voting System

  • With using blockchain and decentralisation technology in digital voting
  • All check-in and voting will be done by user mobile device
Tender Shortlisting

Tender Shortlisting

  • A real random drawing tender shortlisting system
  • The result can be traceable and simulation
  • Suitable for some sensitive tender

Solution on Web Application

  • Deliver B2C, O2O experience to dedicated audiences through E-commerce
  • Enable staff effectively to maintain operational and administrative routines with Online System Solution
  • Deliver Business Information, announcement and image with Web Design Solution

Digital Contract Management

  • Another blockchain technology application
  • A process of recording contacts’ details and tracking every interactions with a business

Works Order Management System

  • Help to create and manage service requests in business process
  • Provide Ticketed Maintenance, Asset Resources management and Reporting
  • Reduces Unexpected Issues, Decreases Tedious Tasks and Gain more In-Depth Understanding from the business process